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Scrim Scheduler

This project was a Discord bot that I programmed to allow myself and fellow team captains in the Purdue Overwatch Club to schedule scrimmages more easily. We typically ping our teams and wait until we have 6 reactions to begin searching for a scrimmage/practice match, but there are a lot of reasons why that is inefficient and tedious. That is why I created this bot that will ping our teams for us and notify the team captains when all 6 players have reacted.

* This project is still a work in progress and all elements may not work as intended when run.
** This preview may not include the full project. All files are uploaded to my GitHub.

Example of bot pinging me after 6 unique users react
""" Full code uploaded to GitHub """
import discord import os import requests from pathlib import Path from discord.ext import commands author = "" bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix = '!') bot.remove_command('help') @bot.event async def on_ready(): print('login successful') @bot.command() async def scrim(context, role): await context.send(role + " react for scrim") author = @bot.event async def on_reaction_add(reaction, user): reacts = set() global author channel = async for user in reaction.users(): reacts.add(user) print(reacts) if len(reacts) == 6: await channel.send(author.mention + " 6 reactions! Scrim time :)") @bot.command() @commands.has_permissions(kick_members=True) async def kick(ctx, member: discord.Member, *, reason=None): if reason==None: reason=" no reason provided" await ctx.guild.kick(member) await ctx.send(f'User {member.mention} has been kicked for {reason}')'ScrimBotKey'))
""" Full code uploaded to GitHub """