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Like many other programmers, after playing the viral game “Wordle” I knew I had to make my own rendition in order to bypass the “1 game a day” restriction in the original game. The rules to the game are the same as the original. Guess any 5 letter word, and the game will give feedback on your guess based on each letter’s relation to the randomly chosen word. A green square means that the letter is in the correct spot, a yellow square means the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot, and a grey square means that the letter is not in the word. This project was my first time using a graphics library in Python. Feel free to download the project via my GitHub and have fun!

* This project is still a work in progress, so all elements may not work as intended when run.
** This preview may not include the full project. All files are uploaded to my GitHub.

""" Full code uploaded to GitHub """
import os import random from graphics import * def game(window): dirname = os.path.dirname(__file__) n = random.randint(0, 2314) with open(f"{dirname}/words.txt") as f: lines = sorted(set(f.readlines())) for word in lines: i = lines.index(word) lines[i] = word.strip() rawWord = lines.pop(n) word = [char for char in rawWord] for i in range(6): guess = "" guess = [char for char in input("guess: ")] while len(guess) != 5: guess = [char for char in input("Your guess must be 5 letters!: ")] green = ["","","","",""] yellow = [] for k in range(len(word)): if guess[k] == word[k]: green[k] = word[k] # print(green) correctLetters = 0 for j in range(len(word)): xPos = 70 + (j * 90) yPos = 70 + (i * 90) rectA = Point(110+(j*90), ((i+1)*90)-60) rectB = Point(30+(j*90), ((i+1)*90)+20) rect = Rectangle(rectA, rectB) letter = Text(Point(xPos, yPos), guess[j]) letter.setSize(72) if guess[j] == word[j]: rect.setFill("green") correctLetters += 1 # print("GREEN " + word[j]) elif guess[j] in word and guess[j] not in green and guess[j] not in yellow: rect.setFill("yellow") yellow.append(guess[j]) # print("YELLOW " + word[j]) else: rect.setFill("grey") # print("GREY " + word[j]) rect.draw(window) letter.draw(window) if correctLetters == 5: print("Congratulations!") break print(f"The word was {rawWord}.") if __name__ == "__main__": again = True while again: window = GraphWin("Woourdle", 500, 600) game(window) answer = input("Play again? Y/N ") again = ("y" in answer) or ("Y" in answer) window.close()
""" Full code uploaded to GitHub """